Julie Mann

NLP/EFT/Hypnosis Practitioner in East Sussex


Although I work in a number of different fields I feel that each one compliments the other. I worked as an actress for a number of years and then decided to settle down. Not wanting to be away from my family it made sense for me to use my talents but confine them to a recording studio rather than traveling the country.

Whilst pregnant I went to see a Hypnotherapist and the results were so profound that I decided to train in hypnotherapy myself. Later I experienced EFT and was blown away by the results. I then studied levels 1, 2 & 3 to add to my growing toolbox.

I set up my health and wellness business back in 2011. The products are ultra prestige and contain no ‘nasties’. I love showing people how simply by swapping shop they can build a substantial residual income over time.

My dream is to make a difference on the planet with my voice, my techniques and with my online business. I am committed to building a school in Africa and changing the lives of people who don’t have the choices that most of us in the Western world have.

Everyone has a dream…..what’s yours?

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